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I´ve been practicing contact improv since 2009 and it is a big part of my practice. I have taken part in many festivals and workshops (e.g. Skiing on Skin, Goa Contact festival, Inesperadamente, Mirva Mäkinen, Ralf Jarochinski, Tom Goldhand, Hugh Stanier, Tamás Bakó, Johan Nilsson), practice it actively and teach as well.

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In Contact Improv (CI) I am especially interested about the effortless flow, active and soft body quality and spiraling motion. In my classes we focus on reaching the flow-feeling through precise exercises to long improvisations alone, with partner, trios or bigger groups.  In all doing I focus on the somatic feeling of the body - both inner and superficial understanding of the body. We explore the movement directions, giving and receiving body weight, starting from the floor and finding our natural way to come up. I appreciate every unique clever body and ergonomic moving through natural movements and actions like laying down, sitting, walking and the pathways in between by getting up or down. 


Lasse Lychnell, Jouni Ihalainen, Anna Tervahartiala, Saskia Assohoto

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